Saddleback Homeowners Association was created in 1979 and contains 104 lots with 100 homes covering over 460 acres. The HOA does not own any property but maintains several easements (mail kiosk, front entry).  The documents below describes details of many aspects of our community.



CC&Rs and By-Laws

Board Minutes


Dues, Yearly Budget, and Major Expenditures

Board of Directors

START Form- Submitted for exterior modifications

Current member directory and new owners list have been removed due to privacy concerns. They will be added back when the problems have been addressed.

Community plot map- A map of the lots in SaddlebackHOA with address and lot numbers

Certificate of Insurance- Proof of Sabbleback's insurance for the property we are responsible for.

Important Memos

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Eugene Berger Management Corporation assists us in managing our HOA.  Their function includes dues assessment/collection, monthly statements, annual audits, tax return submission, government-mandated reports and other accounting tasks.

Contact info- How to get in touch with our property manager.

Contract- Contact our EBMC manager at the above links

FirewiseBanner200Firewise is a nation-wide program to assist communities in mitigating wild fire risks. Our community has been certified since 2019 which allows many residences to get a price reduction on home fire insurance.

Firewise Information

HOA Projects-

  • Firewise (see above for details)
  • Traffic calming in the neighborhood- The Board and others have been working with the CHP and Placer county for many years to slow the speed of traffic in our neighborhood and in 2020, had two speed monitoring devices installed.
  • Mailbox Kiosk
  • CC&R updating
  • Propane costs
  • Internet access


New Owners Corner- Helpful information to get you orientated to our neighborhood